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    We are a company with innovative Semantics Technology and a unique set of products and framework to help you add structure and intelligently classify information.

    CoginovAPI’s™  capability permits you to properly classify, organize, manage and cross relation unstructured information from multi-dimensions, multilingual or multi-location data. Regardless the repository or database there is no limitation on size, to extract and compare data endlessly, to spot trends and conceptualize information.

    With CoginovAPI’s ™ you can:
    Take advantage of the only semantic-based system with no limit on domain

    Integrate semantic capabilities into your legacy technologies and analysis platforms to enhance their performance
    Build new applications to improve your business intelligence solutions
    Manage large volumes of data with the speed and precision
    Automated real-time classification of data with enterprise taxonomies
    Rules based to adapt to your industry and evolve for new changes
    Search relevance and view of content summary and taxonomy structure
    Automated concept extraction
    Sentiment analysis
    Automated keyword and entity extraction/Automated metadata generation
    Comprehensive natural language meaning and pattern extraction
    Automated cross referencing of concepts in documents/articles
    Multilingual recognition and extraction within multilingual documents
    Listening platform to poll from multiple data sources and Web RSS feeds or streams
    Strategic planning for your knowledge management practice;

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    How we Help     Information Audits                        CoginovAPI
    Backed by over a decade of search and discovery experience, Coginov API combines best of breed analytics software in a scalable platform that brings efficiency and speed to the process of acquiring, managing and sharing information. Coginov API analyzes content, extracts entities as well as relationships between entities, to normalize names and key concepts in text for accurate evaluation of unstructured data. Learn more Coginov Information Audits, improve data discovery and categorization to assist document management and business intelligence (BI), in finding value and adding structure to unstructured information (Big Data) Unstructured examples include; word or PDF documents, social media, website comments, blogs, posts, news articles, etc. Learn more... CoginovAPI™, has the capability to extract concepts, provide sentiment, and help understand what triggers actions and intentions in your community. From online posts or social media discussions or comments left etc. CoginovAPI™, can automatically find categorize and extract useful information to help moderate discussions, route individual posts and emails and drive new business opportunity. Learn more
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